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Transportation of goods from Iran

Transport cheaper and safer!

Relying on the experience and taking advantage of the presence of active representatives, Direct Drive Company is engaged in the transportation of goods from Iran to Iraq in a completely specialized manner as an international transportation company in Iraqi Kurdistan. Among the services we provide are the import of goods from Iran to Iraq and customs formalities and clearance of goods.

All kinds of Iranian products including food, petrochemical, industrial, medical and… They enter Iraq. Our company imports and clears goods from Iran at all border terminals. The border terminals of Iran and Iraq, which generally have the largest volume of trade between Iran and Iraq, are:

Mehran terminal




Siran Band

Parviz Khan




Relying on experience and benefiting from the presence of active representatives at all border crossings, Direct Drive Company is able to perform customs clearance and cargo clearance.

Since the cost of transporting cargo from Iran is different depending on the type of cargo, tonnage and transportation time, in order to know the fare, you should inquire about the cost 24-48 hours before sending the cargo so that the goods can be shipped at the best price. .

To know the costs and freight fare, contact our experts.