Types of packaging in transportation

Packaging has a different meaning and concept in transportation.

Packing in transportation is called the art of packing goods and equipment at a time when the goal is to transfer and move.

Autobar Jahan Arvin, knowing that packing items and equipment in a very comprehensive and effective way has cast a shadow in the transportation industry.

Types of packaging methods in transporting furniture

Three-layer cardboard boxes

Specialized boxes

Use of paper

Bubble plastics

Use of plastic



Types of packaging in transportation

1. Three-layer cardboard boxes

Cardboard is one of the most practical packing materials when moving and transporting home furniture. In addition, they are very cheap and affordable compared to other options.

Sometimes you can get them for free by getting them from grocery stores and supermarkets that don’t need them.

2. Specialized boxes

Cartons and specialized boxes are used to place products such as mirrors, breakable dishes, works of art and luxury goods.

These boxes are usually made of strong cardboard or compressed plastic.

The feature that this box offers is that it provides transportation of delicate materials without damaging them.

Choose the strongest Isfahan furniture carton for your furniture.

3. Use of paper

It will be possible to wrap delicate items and breakable dishes such as glass, porcelain, ceramics and all kinds of them using waste newspapers and paper, which is another option when transporting home furniture.

This makes sure that they are protected before placing them in cartons and large suitcases.

It also prevents them from breaking when hit.

Packing using waste paper and newspaper can be very economical and cheap.

On the other hand, you can use these papers for other purposes as well.

4. Bubble plastics

Bubble bumpers can be your best friend when packing and transporting household items.

By having enough layers of this material, you can protect your furniture from the most vulnerable factors. By using them, no scratches or cracks will be created on your objects or home appliances.

There are different types of bubble bumpers with different sizes and different thicknesses in the market.

5. Use of plastic

Cellophane is one of the options that can be used to pack portable materials such as food and cover containers.

In addition, cellophanes help you keep your furniture away from moisture, dust, or environmental factors.

They can be very useful in protecting wooden furniture

6. Packing tapes

The use of these strips is considered as a reinforcing material in this process and they can be added around or on the bottom of the cartons to help make these boxes smaller.

This will help make the difference between a successful packaging or a failed process.

However, there are low-quality tapes with low resistance and adhesion, which not only do not help you, but may cause you more trouble.

For this reason, it is better to pay special attention to its quality when buying and preparing them.

7. Mark

Marking cartons is a very useful activity that can significantly reduce your challenges when moving home furniture.

By doing this, you will completely save your time.

There are different methods for labeling cartons, according to which you can determine the contents of each box.

Using a correct method will ensure that your money and time will be saved.

Product packing method

The most important thing is to place heavy items on the bottom of the carton, then place lighter items on top of them.

Pack breakables more carefully, using bubble wrap or shock-absorbing foam if possible.

Be sure to write what is inside each box after packing on the cartons using a label or marker.

Also sort it based on delivery addresses.

The size and strength of the boxes is another thing that should be considered.

Never put heavy items inside big cartons, because big cartons are not very strong.

If possible, try not to leave empty spaces in the cartons, because the cartons may be crushed during transportation.

Factors affecting the price in moving cost

load weight

The weight of the cargo, which is calculated based on tons, is the first factor that affects the calculation of the freight rate.

With its increase, the price of companies increases linearly.

load type

After the weight, the type of cargo is an important factor in determining the price.

Maybe the type of cargo doesn’t seem to depend on its transportation price, but in fact, it is the weight, type and material of the cargo that determines what kind of vehicle it should be transported with.

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