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After going through many ups and downs, Direct Drive Logistics International Transportation Company has returned to the field of international transportation of goods with a new management and a lot of energy and power.

We in this company are always trying to surpass our peers in today’s competitive world by increasing our information and knowledge, and with the help of our professional, experienced and young team, we always provide the fastest and most reliable methods and services. Provide to customers.

Drive Logistics is undoubtedly a reliable name for your export, transit and import goods if speed, health and fair cost are also important to you.

We are ready to make every difficulty easy and every impossibility possible by creating a powerful network of expert forces and using modern systems and modern technologies.

Transportation of all kinds of goods

You can move all kinds of goods through different means and by air, land, rail and sea transportation


Household appliances and home furniture, company and…


Transportation of all kinds of machines and equipment


Carrying all kinds of medical equipment


Construction equipment


etc …

Our Services

Our company will help you to transport cargo faster, cheaper, safer and more convenient!

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Features of our company

What makes the company stand out is the approach we take to everyday work!


The best supplies

We provide the best logistics services in the market all over the world.

cargo security

Our customers get 100% shipping and safe shipping guarantee.

competitive price

Despite the many contracts, we offer you the lowest rate.

On time delivery time

In the shortest possible time, according to the arrangements, the transfer is done.


Different growth methods

All payment methods are acceptable for ordering our services.

Speed and load health

The speed of sending products from the origin to the destination and the safety of the cargo is our goal.


Do you have an order request for the transportation of goods?


Direct Drive Logistics International Shipping Company offers you a wide range of services that are customized to meet your freight needs, dear customers.

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